April 25, 2023


SUNDAY COLLAGE – Let’s go outside!  Since the good weather is coming in any time soon, it’s important to get all of your picknick essential. A cosy plaid, re-usable tableware and a cute basket. What else do you need ?  XNic  Plates Blanket Picknick basket Glass spoons

Plant Pots

SUNDAY COLLAGE – A garden without plant pots isn’t a garden right?! We will make your plants pop with these stylish ones. XNic Get inspired Rotan Pot Bright Red Wavy plant pot Elegant blue

Handbuilding pottery

https://captainandnel.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/0288eed9eb1e4ec985d87e9708e6d1af.mp4 How To – In need of an activity ?! We could say that we are kind of addicted to Handbuilding right now..  Playing around with some clay, not taking everything too serious.  I recently made these cute little bowls for my friends as a gift. And as you can see Captain and Nel team …

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  FAVORITE PICK – An often under appreciated item is the ottoman. Even tough it’s a versatile piece. It can be used as extra seating, a footrest or even as a coffee table. They are a great addition to your interior, an easy way for adding color or texture to a room.   A pop …

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Velvet Sofa

  HOME – Still in doubt whether your should buy a velvet sofa?  There is something about a velvet sofa, giving an instant elegant, almost regal look to your interior. It has a soft and delicate appearance but, don’t let that fool you, velvet fabrics are actually very durable. ( even with kids ) Just …

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