6x green kitchens we swoon over

COLOR COMBINATIONS – We just swoon over green kitchens.

This timeless color is not only fun but also associated with various positive qualities like: tranquility & uniqueness.

So here are 6 ways to work with green in your kitchen.

Cabinet chique
Use green cabinetry as a stunning focal point, whether it’s soft sage or deep emerald, to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere. An instant eye swoon as we may say.

DeVol kitchen

Break the rules
Play a bit with complimenting and contrasting colors. 

From a soft and girly pink, to a sophisticated navy or earthy terracotta, every combination creates its own style.
Remember that the key to successful color combinations is balance. Ensure that the colors you choose work harmoniously together and reflect the ambiance you want to create in your kitchen.
Maximalist Touch
A green kitchen is for many people a statement already, but if you want to go for the maximalist approach you might want to add some tiles in as well.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different tile styles, colors, and textures to create a maximalist kitchen.
Statement Island
A statement kitchen island in green can be a showstopper and a reflection of your personal design flair.
Countertop fun
Incorporate green into your kitchen through countertops.

Green marble or stone countertops can be stunning and create a sense of luxury.
Play with patterns
Add a touch of fun and playfulness into your calm green oasis.

Use patterned textiles for curtains and cushions or perhaps some wallpaper can add some interest into the room

Glorious shades of green

Bancha – F&B

Ambleside – Little Greene

Beverly – F&B

Olive – Little Greene