A canopy dream

INSPIRATION – Proving that kids ‘rooms can be both playful and tastefully designed, blending imagination with elegance.

This beautiful bedroom is truly a magical space, all hat we could think of when we where younger.

A little daybed, canopy, patterned curtains.. pretty much a fairytale.

So let’s play around with this canopy dream.

A canopy dream
Canopies add something so cozy and sweet to a kids bedrooms, turning them into magical retreats.


Where it’s a safe haven of imagination and play.


While they infuse a whimsical touch to the room they also add some sophistication and elegance into it… depending on the overall furnishing and decoration.


Not convinced yet?
Here are 6 points on why you should include a canopy into your kids bedroom:


  • Enchantment & imagination 
  • Coziness & comfort
  • Play & hideaway place
  • Softened acoustics
  • Adds some personality, elegance and flair
  • eye-catching presence

Thriving canopies