A home office make-over

SUNDAY COLLAGE – A home office make-over.

After the summer season, it’s the perfect time to revamp your workspace and create an environment that boosts productivity and creativity.

Step 1 will definitely be “clear the clutter” by removing all the unnecessary items, start with a clean slate.

But what else can you do to make your home office a functional and inspiring place?

Choose a theme
Go for a theme/style that resonates with you. Play around with wallpaper, paint etc. You spend a lot of time in here, so make it work.

A cohesive theme can enhance the overall aesthetic of your workspace.


Invest in your basics
A comfortable chair and desks are a musthave when working from home.
Just like good lighting.

Natural lighting is ideal but if that’s not possible make sure that you have a good table lamp.

The right basics will have a positive impact on your productivity & physical well-being.

Melissa Mahoney

A personal touch
Add personal touches to your office; artworks, plants, decorative items.
These elements make your workspace feel more inviting.

Personal comfort
Include elements that make you feel comfortable,
such as your favorite scented candle or by creating a small coffee bar set up.

Make it an enjoyable place

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