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i'm nicolien

In 2019 I took a leap and started Captain + Nel, an online interior advice agency.

“In 2019, Nicolien took a bold leap and founded Captain and Nel—an interior advisory agency dedicated to creating uniquely stylish and personalized homes infused with vibrant colours and captivating prints. With prior experience at a prestigious interior design agency and various roles within the home and design industry, Nicolien embarked on her dream career: helping others transform their living spaces to reflect their personality and lifestyle.

However, a simmering passion within her was about to unfold into a remarkable new chapter. Introducing the exquisite Craftsmen Collection—a meticulously crafted line of furniture, designed to endure and responsibly made.

The Craftsmen Collection

This remarkable collection emerged from an inherent need. Nicolien discovered a lack of contemporary furniture pieces with a captivating twist. Crafted in The Netherlands, this collection places a strong emphasis on craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously designed with longevity in mind, imparting not only personality to your space but also enhancing its functionality. The Craftsmen Collection transcends your interior, becoming an enduring and cherished part of your unique story.”