I would love to advice and help you, creating your unique, personal and stylish place.

i'm nicolien

In 2019 I took a leap and started Captain + Nel, an online interior advice agency.

As I truly believe that great interior design is for everyone, and shouldn’t be expensive or take too much of your time. With only a few great pieces, some smart choices and clever design ideas, anyone can create his or her unique abode.

While I worked for a high-end interior design agency, I started helping friends design their homes on the side. And while doing that, I realized that there are so many people willing to create their unique home, but just don’t have a huge budget or a lot of time. Well then and there, Captain and Nel was born.

Now I hear you think, why that name?

 Well, it’s a combination of my parents, not because they were such interior lovers. No, I have named my company after them because they were and still are my inspiration. Life is too short to have regrets, and to have a house that doesn’t fit your personality and lifestyle.

Decorating a space doesn’t have to be stressful, take a lot of time or be complex. With choosing one of the packages on my site, I will create a room tailor made for you. All online and within only a maximum of 3 weeks. I love to advice you on how to make your space, unique, personal and stylish, for any budget and within a time frame. Because why waste time?