Camouflage your hallway heater

HOW TO – Heaters in the hallway are always an absolute eyesore.
They are an absolute must but whydo they have to be so unattractive?

We are here to help you out so we’ve got some creative solutions on how to transform them into stunning design features.

It might involve some coats of paint, meters fabric and styling.

Console table
Place a slim,  console table in front of the heater, hiding it while adding a touch of style. 

You can dress it with a table lamp, flowers and some coffee table books, a tray and key dish. Stylish and fun 🙂
Faux console table
This illusionary design piece cleverly transforms an ugly heater into something more practical. 

We love this faux console from Beata Heuman
Adding some paint
By adding some paint onto your heater you can seamlessly blend it with it’s surroundings.

Do you want to give your hallway some contrast or make it a harmonious place.
Adding a skirt
The skirted console table not only disguises the heater but also adds an elegant and decorative element to the space.

It’s a creative solution that combines functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

And you can change it every once in a while.
A classic converter
A bit more of a “classic” approach to hiding your converters.

Just like the console table options you can turn it into a real eye-catcher in your hallway.