Coffee table VS Ottoman

FURNITURE – Coffee table VS Ottomans: Pro’s & Cons for your living room.

Deciding on the right style and colors for your living room is already quiet a task.

When it comes to furniture it sometimes can feel like a giant 1000 pieces puzzle.

So we are here to guide you, giving you all the information that your need to take in consideration.

Both furniture pieces are decorative & functional and will get a prominent space in your living room.

So start with questioning yourself the following things, what are you actually looking for:

– Does it fit the space?
– Does it compliment the furniture ?
– What shapes goes together?
– What is your aesthetic ? 
– Do you want to add more seating room or storage?
The ottoman
Ottomans are a great asset to your home. They are versatile in use and instantly bring some comfiness into it. It’s upholstered feature makes it almost customizable for every interior aesthetic. 
The coffee table
A coffee table in your living room almost feels like a
no-brainer. It’s the item that can’t be missed but,
so hard to find.
Especially when you’ve got a limited budget. 


– Versatile in use;
footstool, extra seating,
extra storage space
– Brings some softness
into your home
– Can be used as a
coffee table
– Often customizable; upholstery, legs
– Compared to a “regular” coffee table a bit more unexpected 
– Isn’t stable enough to put your cup of tea on.
So using a tray is a must
– They can make smaller spaces feel more crowded
– Stains are not easily cleanable

Coffee table

– High functionality
– Easy to clean & simple to maintain 
– You can never go wrong with a traditional coffee table 
– They take up a lot of space
– Are not always going well with your lay-out
– Can sometimes be a bit boring, finding a unique pieces takes a lot of time
– Some materials like glass are not save for children