Digital Christmas Gifts

GIFT GUIDE – Digital Christmas gifts to save the day. Give your loved one a digital service for christmas.

From an online upholstery course, online interior magazines or a consult with Captain and Nel.
All the things we would like to receive under the digital Christmas tree.

An Inspirational gift
Delight your loved ones with the gift of inspiration! Treat them to a digital magazine subscription, combining the allure of House and Garden UK, the cutting-edge fashion insights of Vogue, and the timeless elegance of Harper’s Bazaar.

It’s a thoughtful present that keeps on giving, offering a wealth of content and style at their fingertips. Elevate their reading experience and share the joy of curated inspiration with a digital magazine subscription.
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Art gifts
Embark on a creative journey with “The Captain and Nel Art Guide,” a curated treasure for those passionate about the  interior design and art.

Navigate through insightful tips creating harmonious spaces that reflect personal aesthetics. 

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The creator
Unleash the joy of creation with a gift card from Create Academy! Surprise someone who craves hands-on experiences with an online upholstery course, weaving the art of transforming furniture into an expression of personal style. Let the recipient immerse themselves in the art of making, turning moments into memories with the perfect blend of education and hands-on enjoyment.
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The interior enthusiast 
The perfect gift for any kind of occasion, whether big or small.
Our gift card lets your loved ones select something that truly suits their taste and preferences.

It is a versatile and easy to use, but just as thoughtful.
A great gift for new home owners, renovators or just interior enthousiasts.

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