Elevating empty corners

HOW TO – Turning empty corners into a vibrant place. By adding a nice reading chair, plant or side table you can add charm into these neglected corners.

Elevate the space from ordinary to extraordinary. We’ve got some tips & tricks ready for you.


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Patrick Mele

The perfect Greenery
Place a tall indoor plant like a fiddle leaf fig in the corner to bring life and freshness to the space. It’s an easy trick that won’t cost a fortune. Ever thought about a pedestal with a vase with flowers? Can be super nice.
Put your art on display!
There is nothing more decorative than art. Create a gallery corner that will fill up the space. 

Accent table

An accent table or side table is almost alway the answer, since you can dress them. With art, a tray, a vase or a table lamp. Perhaps with a mirror above.

eye swoon

A place to pause
Place a comfortable chair or chaise lounge with a floor lamp and a small side table.

Small poufs with a print are always working as well.
An ideal furniture piece that you can move around.

And you’ve created a place where you can take a break. Play with colour and materials.

Beata Heuman

Corner filling gems