Gallery wall

SUNDAY COLLAGE – Something that will never go out of style, the gallery wall.

A beautiful way to display your art pieces, photographs & plates. Sometimes you need to think outside of the frames.

Think of it as a wall full of memories, items you collected over time.

How to create a gallery wall?
It all starts with collecting pieces, you don’t want all of your art to come from the same store. That doesn’t tell a story.
Try to collect pieces while traveling, go to an art fair, maybe you grandma has something amazing in her attic or your local thrift store.

You can find pieces everywhere..and as you know there are so many prints that you can order online.

A gallery wall is a giant puzzle.
This means that you should not overthink your gallery wall and where you place your art. Just go with the flow.

You can always create the lay-out with the art works laying on the floor or tape the measurements on the wall.
It’s not forever you can switch the pieces and places anytime you like, that’s what makes it fun right?!
Where do we shop?
– Shop while traveling!
– wall of art
– Art fairs
– Thrift shops
– The attic of a relative 🙂
– Smallable
Artists we love
– Milou Neelen ( Hotel Magique)
– Poppy 
– Cate Adriana
– Julie Haverkamp
– Lapoire imaginaire

San Francisco Proper hotel

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