HEADBOARDS – There is a headboard for every style (& budget).

They can transform a simple and blend space into a showstopper.

Creating a whole new and unique atmosphere in a heartbeat. 

So Let me explain why headboards are an interior designers favorite.
Looks are not the only thing that matter.
There are a couple of practical reasons why your bed needs a headboard.

A headboard gives security to your bed and provides support for your pillows.
So no more pillows slipping down behind your bed, who likes that?!

Furthermore it protects the wall from damage.
( also convenient)

Emily Henderson 

Via pinterest

The headboard niche is a world on it’s own.

Endless possibilities when it comes to fabrics, shapes, integrating lighting & wallpaper into it.
Anything is possible, the sky is the limit.
So what can you do when you’ve got endless options!

Here are some handsome headboard to inspire you


Integrate your lighting into it, how chique!

via Sandberg wallpaper

Dare a little, go out of your box with your headboard shape.

Ruth Sleightholme

Combine your wallpaper and upholstery, do you want to layer with it or create the perfect match.

Jessica Buckley

Introduce your bedroom to some color and patterns.

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It’s all in the details

Domino magazine

Any plans for the weekend?There are enough good headboard DIY’S to find online. This headboard DIY  is definitely unique.
Striking headboard DIY