Tricks to style a tiny space

Living in your 30m2 dream home, yet does it still need some adjustments to live and function in it to the fullest? Or isn’t it entirely your dream home yet, but wondering how can you can create thé perfect space you’ve always dreamt of? Below I will share some tips and tricks to make your tiny space, your dream space.

Small habitats usually come with a set of specific issues. Not only do you have to think of all the functions of the room, like a dining table turns work space during the day and vice versa, but also these homes come usually with all kinds of shapes. Think that cute corner you just don’t know what to do with. And maybe you don’t have the biggest budget, or you’ve chosen not to spend your entire savings on this dream home creation, then let me assure you: you can still create and live in that perfect home of yours. Oh and the furniture doesn’t need to be all function or in the right form (like most people think, when living in a small space), I will share some products to prove it…

First some tips.

1. Eliminate the clutter and keep the space clean. And this does have (or for some people) a fun side to it: you rethink all the stuff you have, because do you really need it all?
2. Create custom shelving that maximizes storage – and as you create it, you can immediately have it in style with the rest of the space.
3. Learn to compromise. Do you have a little one? Think of the sink as his or her bath. Or is it your long lasting dream to have a real bath? Then rethink the space it should be in, maybe the kitchen is the right spot for you. 
4. Go for tall plants and cabinets. So shelves that climb up the wall and hanging plants to make your home feel bigger and cozy. It’s all about styling it ‘up’.
5. Ok, here comes a functionality tip. But look for pieces, or create them, that could work in different functions. I.e. a console table turned dining table and extra prep area for the kitchen.
6. Don’t be scared of color, even if it’s a dark one. If you are consistent in applying a same color scheme, then it will only benefit the space.
7. Let the light work for your space. Think wall lamps when you don’t have enough space for standing lamps. 

And here they are, some pieces that will help you make the most of any space.