Holiday souvenirs

Elevating your interior with vacation treasures.

The summer holidays means traveling, exploring, browsing and sourcing across the borders.

Another unique opportunity to find some new souvenirs for your home. Incorporating that vacation charm into your interior and infusing those memories and influences into it.

But when it comes to the art of souvenir shopping there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.


Kitschy items & mass-produced trinket.

While searching and shopping for unique souvenirs for home can be exciting there are some types of items that you may want to avoid.

Avoid buying mass-produces trinkets, items that will not add any charm into your home. They are often of lower quality and lack authenticity.

Furthermore be cautious when it comes to kitsch souvenirs. Novelty items of couse can be fun but often they turn out to feel like clutter at home.
( coming from the person that loves knick-knacks)

Marin Montagut




local artwork & artisans
Remember that the best souvenirs are those that evoke meaningful memories and add value to your interior.

Prioritize items that reflect the beauty of the destination, support local artisans, and seamlessly integrate with your home’s decor.

Search for items that reflect your travel experiences, compliment your home design .
Some souvenir ideas that you want to bring home

– Handcrafted textiles, think embroidery that represents local craftsmanship

– Personalized items, handcrafted items that add a personal touch to your interior. Perhaps some monogramed linen.

– Eye-catching tableware, you can never have too much tableware don’t you think?!

– Unique decorative items, a beautiful plate can be wall decoration, one of a kind sculptures, art prints. 

Gavin Houghton