Home away from home

SUNDAY COLLAGE – Home away from home.

Summer holidays are the best, traveling around going from place to place.

But sometimes the thought of your own bed can make you feel a bit homesick.

So with these travel essentials you can make your hotel room feel a bit more at home.

Bring your own pillow case
This brings a bit of your own bed into the hotel bed.

Without having to miss out on these incredible crips and refreshing hotel linens.

It’s a small detail and easy to pack.

Garbo & Friends

Favorite room spray
Nothing feels more homey than the scent of home.

We can imagine that bringing your favorite scented candle might be too much of an effort.

So a room spray in your go to scent will do the trick. 



Morning coffee

Everyone has these morning rituals, waking up in the morning and having a cup of tea.

Pack your favorite mug, tea and or coffee cups to upgrade your hotel bar.

Edith Young

Indulge in some selfcare

If you go on a fun little get away these miniature hotel toiletries might be right for a few days.

But if you are gone for a while you might want to consider taking your cosmetics with you.

Look for the travel size version of your shampoo, body wash and scrubs. 

Let's start packing