Kids playing corners; fun and imaginative

HOW TO – As a parent I know how important a playing corner or room is for your kids.

A place where their imagination and playfulness knows no limits.

But where to start..there are a couple of things that you should include in your kids playing corner.

For example include your kids in the design process! 

A bit of theme
A splash of paint can do wonders. Choose a shade that can grow with your kids, so you don’t have to re-decorate every once in a while. 
Of course you can go for a jungle theme but, keep it in the decoration. Sometimes a big piece of art can be enough.

Involve your kids in the process, let them choose a colour they love. Tip! Pre-select some shades that they can choose from, so you don’t end up with a bright neon.
If you have the space and really want to make an impact go for wallpaper! A subtile floral, a classic stripe.

Loving wallpaper but not enough space? Ever thought about placing wallpaper on the inside of cabinets.

Chloe Thurston

                               Milk magazine

Perhaps one of the most important things if you don’t want your entire home to turn into a kids playing corner.

Invest in some good storage solutions such as:
  • Shelves
  • Bins
  • cabinets ( bespoke)
We love working with cabinets since you can really personalize them. Turning then into the center piece of the room. 

Make sure to include some doors or curtains for a tidy look. I used scalloped drawers in my kids playing corner in the kitchen.
An easy but decorative twist.


There are enough IKEA hacks and DIY’s you can find for this.



A reading corner
Design a cozy reading corner with shelves filled with books, and a soft rug for comfort.

Maybe if the space allows it you can create a small nook filled with cushions.

Art station 
Set up an art corner with a small table, easel, art supplies, and a gallery wall to proudly display their creations.

Let's get started

Snoopy peanuts cushion