Living Room

CORNERS OF MY HOME – Welcome to our living room.
This is where we escape and unwind after a long day, where friends gather for drinks and bites, and where endless movie nights come to life.

It’s a real family room, when designing the space my keywords where comfort & coziness. 

Cosy Corners
We carefully  began with a color palette and decided to envelop the entire space in enchanting wallpaper.

This transformed the living room into an immersive haven of warmth and charm. 
Vintage finds
Mixing and matching is my interior treasure hunt. I love the thrill of seeking out unique finds, especially in the world of vintage decor. It’s the joy of possessing something truly one-of-a-kind.
An ode to the craftsmanship
As an interior designer, I’m constantly immersed in a sea of creative impulses, always in search of new and unique pieces.

When I designed my living room, I couldn’t find the perfect TV cabinet I envisioned. That moment sparked the inception of my very own homeware line: The Craftsman Collection.

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