Meet Joëlle

What inspired you for the artwork on the scalloped tray ? 
I always adore flowers and love them in every shape and colour. The mimosa is one of my favourites. So joyful and bright. 

To me it is a perfect match with the classic and vibrant style of Captain & Nel.
 Are there any other pieces of our craftsmen furniture that you can create an artwork for?
Yes, the possibilities are endless! I think it is very nice to create art on furniture. The result is a one of a kind heartmade piece that will stand out in your living room.

Something cool and unique and special,you will never find it somewhere else.
How do you imagine this illustration enhancing the atmosphere of an interior space?
A touch of colour will always lift up an environment. I love to surround myself with colours, it brings me a positive and happy feeling.

This tray will definitely help to bring some joy in the room. A nice yellow ‘wink’ while walking by. 
⁠Do you have a personal connection or appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in furniture making?
I strongly believe in the power of handmade products, weather it is furniture, ceramics, art… In this world where massproduction has become the norm, AI is popping up, I really like to embrace craftmenship even more.

Products that are heartmade with hands and creativity. You can reallyfeel it.  
Why collaborate with the craftsmen collection? 
I always like it to collaborate with colourful and qualitative brands. It is fun to combine talents and create beautiful products together.

When Nicolien approached me to colloborate it immediately
 felt as a good match.
How would you describe your own interior style ?
Colourful, cosy, playful and with a natural touch. Our house is made of wood and is surrounded by lot’s of nature. It is filled with art, ceramics and beautiful textiles. I love to be home, it has an everyday holiday vibe. 
Any interior advice that you’d like to share ? 
Your house does not have to be perfect. Just make it a cosy place where you feel happy and relaxed. Surround yourself with the things you love. Burn candles, put flowers in a vase, make it your own and unique happy place.