HOME – A mudroom was something that I really wanted to have, I love how it gives a country house feeling. 

So when we had the opportunity to create one in our new home, I couldn’t be more happy.

Designing a mudroom with a bit of a farmhouse chique feeling but, most importantly it had to be practical.

Since it’s a place where you can keep your muddy shoes, coats, garden essentials and hide your clutter.

Something that is a luxury when you are living with kids. 
Want to create a mudroom at home?
Here are some tips & tricks on how to shape your mudroom.


Rule number one on how to create the perfect mudroom is that it needs to have enough storage space. Functional + practical, create some seating where you can tie your shoes for example.
The main reason on why you probably want to have a mudroom is so that you can create a clutter free home. So this means organise, organise & organise.. you don’t want it to become an unpleasant space. Create enough shelving and buy some storage baskets that are decorative.
Add in a rug
We can recommend placing a rug in your mudroom, for a little bit of that homey feeling. But keep in mind that a wool rug wouldn’t be so smart, with all that dirt. Not sure on what material is suitable? Jute! 
Jute is a natural fibre that is super durable.
Visual flow
You don’t want your mudroom to become a storage unit. So put some love into decorating it. You should see it as your second hallway.

Maybe some nice wallpaper that matches the colour of your cabinets. Find some nice knobs to put on the doors.

With these small elements you can give your mudroom some personality, my mudroom has this amazing little ochre print curtain. It really brings something fun into the room.
When it comes to flooring go for something that is easy to clean and can stand a bit of family life.
With tiles you can go out of the box: Patterns, color and texture.

Mudroom musthaves