Painting doors

HOME – Time for a little design secret..

A few reasons why  you should not forget to paint your doors & frames.

To create that ultimate harmonious atmosphere, where the doors and walls become one.

Or If you need a fun little statement and you want create something interesting.

Colour drenching
Colour drenching allows you to create a cocooning feel in a room, it’s so intimate.

The doors have the same colour as the walls. The room just turns into a colour bubble.
Creative Twist
If colour drenching is a bit to much for your tase.

You can consider to paint your doors a completely different colour than your walls. 

This will give it a nice pop.
Two toned doors
This is definitely the best of both ways.. two colours on one side.

Give your door frame something extra like a colored border, that will steal the show.

Chris loves Julia

Little Green

Studio Atkinson


Living on the edge
When both sides of the door will get a diffeent colour this probably will be your next question “What colour does the edges needs to be?!

I’ve got an easy rule for it..
It should always be painted into the colour of the side where the door opens into. So that the edge matches the colour of the room.

Or you can of course turn it into a small statement and go for a fun colour.