Consult Package


A one hour advice, for anything from a new color scheme to a floor plan.


First a little note …

From end of August 2020 until the beginning of December 2020, I will be travelling across Europe. During this time I will take on fewer projects, so I can fully enjoy the journey, my little family, and this dream coming true. But please do still get in touch, would love to hear from you and also help you create your dream home (only in a slightly more slower pace). Thank you for understanding. With love – Nicolien

This package gives you one hour advice, on anything. May it be for a new color scheme or if you’re struggling with the layout of the room.  Once bought, let me know what you desire and I will make sure you get the tips & tricks you were looking for. Usually I can give you the advice within the hour, but I will let you know in advance if maybe some more time is needed.