Swoon over Scallops


Swoon over scallops..
We can’t deny our love for scalloped edges, it adds a fun decorative twist to anything.

The symmetric shell print is a recurrent element in the world of interior. Here are some facts about our oh so loved scallops:
  • Inspired by the scallop shell motif
  • It was used in the Ancient Greek architecture
  • This soft en playful pattern  took a spin during the Art Deco period.
  • It’s elegant but with an edge to it.
    You can’t fully define it’s shape; is it an arch or a wave?
  • A scallop brings interest to an object
Not sure on how to incorporate a scalloped edge into your home?
Here are some inspiring ideas on how to work with scallops.
Decorative objects
We love the Read and Wright long mirror.
It almost looks like an art piece and ties the bathroom together.
Switch your plain Jane lampshade with a fun scalloped one.
Go for a colored border to make it pop even more.
Like this one from Samarkand
But why only work with scallops in decorative objects if you can make some big gestures with them?
Furniture & Finishes
This scalloped headboard from Rockett st George is a beautiful statement piece. With it’s allure it carefully injects some Art Deco vibes.
Go big or go home right? With this feather fan wallpaper from Cole and Son you can truly transform the room. 



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