The Art corner by Captain and Nel & Fleur den uyl

Welcome to the Art corner

The Art corner

We see Art as something that should blend in, in any interior. Want something more classic, but you have a modern home?
H*ll yes. Make it work with the right frame, the right lighting, the right placement. As interiors should feel like a cohesive look, make 
Art part of it too. We always got some many questions where to find the right piece, how to hang it and eventually does my favorite piece even 
fit in my home? We thought it was time for a the Art guide that makes finding that right piece or even collecting several Art pieces, a fun journey. 


€ 39,00


€ 59,00

Ask the Expert

Join us on our new endeavor, the Art guide & the Art consult with our favorite new team member Fleur den Uyl. 
All you need to know for the Art guide is that you’ll be presented with extensive information regarding art in the broad sense. What kind of art is there, how to discover the differences, where to find art, how to hang your new art piece and of course we will share some of our favorite pieces. And when the guide has helped you to discover your taste and type of art form, but you still need some guidance in finding that one true unique piece, there’s always the chance to hop on a call with our Art consultant and ask away your burning questions.