Tips for working from home

Unfortunately we’re still living the reality of working from home and we’re not sure when we can go back to our actual work places again. So, if you haven’t already done it, let’s make something awesome of your home office. 

Maybe you have a dedicated room for it, or just an awkward nook in your living room, for both situations we can make this WFH thing work. 

Having a room for it, you can go all out. Think of a color you truly love, and go full pull on your cabinets and walls. This way you create a room that feels more opulent than your average work area and it can be cocooning too. I am loving Hague Blue from Farrow & Ball, if you’re into dark and gloomy. Yet if you want a warming, yet neutral color, I would say go for Dead Salmon from Farrow & Ball. 

So if you just have that awkward corner in the room, find some stylish desk accessories for an organized and oh-so-uplifting work area. Below you will find some of my favorite desk accessories, to add that personal and stylish touch to your work space. 

Lamps, lamps, lamps. Or just one perfect lamp. But you get the point, it’s an important piece on your desk. This brass lamp will suit almost every space. More into a boho style? Then this piece is your new best friend. 

Not only lamps are crucial, think of stylish pencil boxes and pen holders as well. And don’t forget to store your essentials in some nice boxes. Like these solid wooden ones or master the art of organizing with these sleek organizers by Ferm Living. Also, a cute trinket for those small desk necessities, is always a good investment. 

Furthermore, invest in a nice bin, like this or this one. It’s something you easily forget, but it will make or break the space. 

And don’t forget to make your work space personal, by adding notebooks with a cute design i.e.. And frames, hanging on the wall or standing on your desk (if you have the room) are always a good idea. Then mix some personal pictures with art and make it an instant stylish nook. 

Last but not least, want to get really creative? Then an inspiration Pin board hanging near your desk, is the thing you need. Especially when you can create something like Athena Calderone has, you will never want to leave your office or work space again.