Tricks to style a rental home

Living in a rental home doesn’t mean you have to live in a boring white space, as you can invest now in things that you can take with you to a new home (or the next 10). So what are you waiting for, splurge now as it is a true investment. 

  1. 1. You will probably be hanging extra curtains, but don’t forget to replace the blinds and shades as well. As these will have an instant impact on the look & feel of the room (side note: there is a possibility that these shades will not work in your new apartment, because of a different size window). But look at this gorgeous option or this linen shde and you will immediately forget about that practicality. 

2. Change the cabinet handles and pulls! Find new cabinet handles that are more your style and you can replace them within 5 minutes. You can find some of my favorite handles here.

3. This is a no brainer: changing the light fixtures. Invest in some new hanging and wall lamps that you will love for years and years to come. My small selection consists of a beautiful rattan hanging lamp and an awesome brass wall fixture

4. A simple, yet often forgotten one, the toilet paper holder. Such an easy style fix. Once found the right one, it’s such a joy to look at. My finds are this brass piece or this black modern shaped one.

5. Change your kitchen faucet, as it will immediately perk up a boring looking kitchen.
I found this golden beauty and this black stunner

6. Buy a new shower head. Not only will this style things up, it will also probably use less water overall. I did some researching and found these ones: a retro shower head and a more shimmering one

7. And please do change your light switches and power outlets. As they can and may be replaced. There are some great options, that will make such a style upgrade to your rental home (and the homes after). I have been looking out for these sometime now. And my all-time favorite switches are from Buster & Punch.

8. Paint the whole place if you like. You can always go back to white, when you move again. So, please don’t be afraid of adding color to your walls, it will make your living experience so much happier.