Velvet Sofa


HOME – Still in doubt whether your should buy a velvet sofa? 

There is something about a velvet sofa, giving an instant elegant, almost regal look to your interior.

It has a soft and delicate appearance but, don’t let that fool you, velvet fabrics are actually very durable. ( even with kids )

Just because you have kids or pets it doesn’t mean that you have to give up certain materials. 


So we’ve got some tips & tricks for you, on how to take care of your velvet sofa:

  1. Eliminate dust.
    You can use your vacuum for deep cleaning but, a soft brush will help lessen the dust on your sofa.
  2. Use a fabric protector, this is your friend.
    With a fabric & upholstery protector.It prevents that spills and stains settle on the surface of your sofa.
  3. Rent a carpet cleaner at your local hardware store. You’ve probably seen those amazing instagram stories where people clean their sofa’s making them look brand new. Well this is of course something you can do as well, you don’t need to hire an expert. You can just rent a carpet cleaner and remove all the hard stains from you sofa.

Looking for a piece that can transform the room? Go for a velvet sofa in a bold colour.