Whimsical wallpapers for kids

HOME – Bringing a bit of the outdoors indoors, where every corner is a whimsical wonderland.

When I discovered this wallpaper I knew it was meant for the girls bedroom. It’s just breathtaking, giving the room it’s charm without feeling childish.

So here are some whimsical wallpapers for kids.


Matilda Goad

A bit of luck with this fun clover wallpaper. A subtile but charming wallpaper print.
Clover wallpaper
A classic stripe is never out of style. Timeless and perfect for any kind of age.
Striped wallpaper

Edoardo Capelli

Summer Thorton

Bringing the outdoors in, turning it into a whimsical place.
Forest wallpaper
A scattered meadow of flowers create this beautifully rich and dense pattern of wallpaper which is hand-drawn by Dutch designer Lily Odette. 
Meadow of flowers

Matilda Goad